Customers’ letters

Here are some of the letters from our customers :

“During our stay in Bangkok my wife bought in one of the shops your herbal tea: Jewel Vine, the Athlete’s Choice. She has a lot of profit from this tea and would like to order more.” “My wife is very happy with it: it is really a relief! ” P. Kars, Netherlands

“I recently visited Bangkok on holiday and purchased some Trisiam herbal tea (with various healing properties) for some souvenirs for my family – they were impressed. On returning, I am interested in purchasing some more.” M. Gordon

“How are you? I finally tried one of the teas–it was
“cool-heart” and i found it to be suprisingly relaxing.” Craig, U.S.A.

I like the oriental herbal teas very much, please can you tell me if there
is a shop in Germany where I can buy these teas. Maybe I
can order these teas direct from your factory ? Heinz Starke, Hallbergmoos, Germany

“I would like to know where I can buy your herbal tea – Slender Lady Rose –
Roselle, please. I saw lots of other flavours at Rim Ping Chotana
supermarket, but not this one.
I bought it at the Gifts Fair in early December and enjoyed it very much.
I have some hypertension and trigliserides problems. I bought Love Potion
No.1 at Rim Ping but I like the Roselle better.
Can I buy direct from you a dozen packets? “, Cheryl Charutamra, Thailand