Our new product for Herbal Tea

Price : USD 5.90 per box
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The box includes 42 sachets of herbal tea, 20 varieties. The tea is individually wrapped

for freshness and hygiene. All of our herbal tea is sugar-free and caffeine free.

The 20 kinds of herbal tea are : 

1. LOVE POTION NO. 1-sweetheart tea (Safflower)

2. TRAILS OF MARCO POLO-oriental Tea (Mulberry)

3. NICE N' SPICE-a cup of spice (Lemon grass)

4. ORIENTAL BLEND-spicy girl tea (Ginger)

5. SUNNY DAY SIP-freshen up your day tea (Bael)

6. SLENDER LADY ROSE-chasing fat sweet & sour tea (Roselle)

7. CLOUD NO. 9-sweet dream tea (Cassod tree)

8. TICKLE TEA-let loose' brew (Cat's whisker)

9. SUNSET BREW-after a long day tea (Tiger herbal)

10. TAO BLEND-balance enhancer tea (Senna)

11. NATURE'S NECTAR-sweeter than sweet tea (Stevia)

12. RHAPSODY-east venice ginseng tea (Galingale)

13. FULFILMENT-longing for love tea (Eclipta alba)

14. YOGI BRAND-longevity tonic (Indian Marsh Fleabane)

15. COOL HEART-warm feet tea (Phyllanthus amarus)

16. ATHLETE'S CHOICE-a touch of relief (Jewel vine)

17. SWEET SURRENDER-the conquerer tea (Queen's flower)

18. CLARITY BREW-for cellular freshness (Sea holly)

19. FIGARO'S DELIGHT-clear your voice tea (Thai licorice)

20. NEW LIFE TEA-colour purple aura shift (Thunbergia laurifolia)

(For details of each tree please see herbal tea

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