Pueraria mirifica
Pueraria mirifica capsules Pueraria mirifica breast cream Pueraria mirifica eye gel serum
Tonic Enlarge ladies' breasts Anti wrinkle, rejuvenator and moisturizer
USD 6.90*
Special discount price from USD 25.65 to 19.90
Special discount price from USD 24.15 to 18.50

Herbal Tea:

Price : USD 15.60 for 12 bags (10 sachets in each bag)*
Various flavors can be mixed on special request with no extra charges

Herbal capsule:
Turmeric The Creat Senna Bitter cucumber
health promotion, treatment of abscesses, reduce fever
enhancing appetite, antiviral
USD 2.99 USD 2.99 USD 2.99 USD 2.99
Ling Zhi
enhancing appetite, for longevity, flatulence, stomach discomfort , carminative, anti-emetic, prevent peptic ulcer
USD 8.25


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